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Golf Cart Rentals

Where can you turn if you want access to a golf cart but don't want to buy one? You can rely on Adventure Golf Carts to supply the utility and recreational golf carts you need, of course! Our family-owned and operated business maintains a fleet of versatile personal transportation vehicles that are available to rent for corporate, community and private events in North and South Carolina.


Golf Cart Event Rental

If you're interested in golf cart rentals in SC or NC, call Adventure Golf Carts for the versatile models you want for yourself and your attendees. Whether you need golf cart rentals to make a hard job easier, or to impress clients for an upcoming event, you'll find golf carts that are well-suited for what you have in mind, deliverable from Hendersonville, NC, Columbia, SC and Piedmont, SC.

There are many types of events that lead companies and corporations to seek out golf cart rentals in Piedmont, SC, just like there is a wide array of functions that cause people to look for Club Car rentals in Columbia, SC. Similarly, party planners and event venues located in and around Hendersonville, NC often look for outlets that rent golf carts for special occasions.


Whether they happen on city streets or in an open field, festivals can attract a lot of valuable visitors and occupy a large amount of real estate. If you're responsible for security during a festival, you may have to get to a given location fast. A golf cart will enable you to maneuver through crowds safely even when the event is off the beaten path.


Professional wedding planners and event venues often rent golf carts for weddings, to shuttle guests from the parking area to the main event, and to make set-up and clean-up easier on venue staff. Golf carts are also a fun, memorable get-a-way mobile for the bride and groom.

Corporate Events

From casual outdoor weekend retreats or construction site access, to indoor executive plant tours, business conferences and more - there are a lot of corporate events where golf cart rentals help get people where they need to be. Rental golf carts also make securing the perimeter of a corporate event simple for your security team, particularly if the function is outside.

Industrial Use

In industrial applications, golf carts are used to transport visitors like potential investors and suppliers from one location to another. Utility carts are helpful to relocate supplies and employees to places where they’re needed most, especially when the areas are less accessible with larger vehicles.

Sporting & Extracurricular Events

Golf cart rentals are common sights at sporting events like sporting clay shoots, football games, or track meets. Your staff can use rentals to help fans with mobility challenges reach their seats. Golf carts are also useful for transporting tired or injured players across the field or large school campus. Of course, renting golf carts can be useful for security purposes to ensure quick mobility in tight, crowded spaces.

Colleges and Universities

Whether you’re giving a tour to prospective students, hosting orientation for new students or moving through crowds during parents’ weekend or homecoming, rental golf carts can help get everyone where they need to be. Available with seating for up to eight passengers, rental carts allow you to transport small and large groups with just one vehicle.

Seasonal Camps

While many people associate golf carts with warm weather and fun on the green, these versatile vehicles operate all year long in all sorts of weather. Rental golf carts are a great solution for transportation in any season to enjoy the beautiful camps of North and South Carolina.

City Events

Like festivals, city events often take up a lot of ground. By having golf cart rentals available for your staff to use, your team can transport event attendees to various attractions. The golf carts will also enable your security team to react to emergency situations quickly.

How Golf Cart Rentals Work

Our family-owned and operated golf cart company makes renting golf carts a breeze. You can rent utility or recreational golf carts on daily, weekly or monthly basis. To rent golf carts from one of our three convenient locations, you’ll need to provide some information about your upcoming event, such as the dates and times it will occur and the number of carts you’ll need. We’ll review the information you provide, and if we’re able to accommodate your request, we’ll send you a contract.

A security deposit is typically required when you return your signed contract. Your contract will delineate fees for the rentals you requested as well as any relevant delivery or pickup fees for the carts you want to rent.

Golf Carts Available for Rent

When you visit one of our locations in North or South Carolina, you’ll see that we have several popular options available for rent. Our rentals can accommodate two, four, six or eight passengers, allowing for many options in how you transport your guests or visitors. You have options for a small or large storage areas depending on your specific transporation needs. Additionally, you can rent gas or electric golf carts for a corporate, community or private function.

Let Adventure Golf Carts Help at Your Event

To make an upcoming event extra special for yourself as well as your staff and guests, give us a call, contact our team online or visit an Adventure Golf Carts location to rent utility or recreational golf carts today!