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How long will an electric golf cart run on a full charge?

On a golf course, carts are driven short distances with frequent stop and go action. In this setting, an electric cart can last most of the day. However, when used for continuous driving, a new lead-acid battery pack may get 90-110 minutes of solid “pedal to the metal” run time on a full charge. This solid run time will decrease as the battery pack ages. If you are getting less than 45 minutes of riding time, you may consider purchasing all new deep cycle batteries for your golf car. Other factors that impact the run time of an electric cart are the condition of the batteries (appropriate water levels, tight terminals, and clean surface areas), the load it carries, the terrain, and extremely hot or cold temperatures. Please see electric golf cart maintenance tips below to get the most from your battery pack, and when the time comes to replace, call Adventure Golf Carts to set up same day battery installation while you wait!

Does a golf cart require a special outlet for charging, and can I leave it plugged in?

Your Club Car charger will plug into a regular 3 prong, 110 volt outlet, and should automatically cut off when the golf cart reaches full charge. If charging in an enclosed space, like a garage, you will likely notice an odor from the sulfuric acid in the batteries, similar to a hard boiled egg. It is best to charge in a well ventilated area. 

How long will a gas golf cart run on a full tank?

A gas golf cart can get up to 100 miles on one full 5 gallon tank of gas. Ethanol-free, regular unleaded fuel is recommended. If ethanol-free fuel is unavailable, you may use a fuel treatment such as Stabil or Seafoam. We suggest you start with ¼ tank of fuel at first, to gauge how much fuel you will use on a regular basis. This will reduce the likelihood of gas going bad in the tank, which could result in damage to the fuel pump.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Cart?

Electric golf carts are powered by a rechargeable battery pack, 36 or 48 volts, and fully recharge by plugging the cart charger into a regular outlet. They offer a quiet, more peaceful ride, and do not generate fumes or scents. This may be especially helpful when using a golf cart to hunt or fish, or for use at an indoor facility. Electric carts are also well suited for stop-and-go use, such as playing a round of golf, going to and from the neighborhood pool, doing light yard work, riding from the camper to the bath house, etc.

What type of Maintenance is needed for a 48 volt DC Electric Golf Cart?

  • Check water levels in each battery at least once a month and top off using distilled water. Filtered tap water is acceptable, however, well water is not recommended due the potential for sediment.
  • Always check water levels and add any needed water after a cart is charged, not before. This will reduce the risk of boiling over during the charge cycle.
  • Clean battery packs, tops and terminals using battery acid neutralizer (1 cup of baking soda per 1 gallon of water).
  • Protect terminal connections using battery terminal protector spray.
  • Remove dirt and debris from battery tops periodically to reduce conduction and draining of the batteries while they sit.
  • Check Alignment.
  • Check Tire Pressure.

What are the Benefits of a Gas Golf Cart?

Gas golf carts allow riding enthusiasts to drive longer distances with more confidence. For instance, if you plan to cruise with friends at the beach, or go site seeing around the country side, owning a gas cart empowers you to do that without concern over losing power. The 14 horsepower gas EFI engine (Electronic Fuel Injected) is also well suited for hauling heavier loads and pulling hills. If the cart will be used on property with rough or steep terrain, or in mountainous areas, a gas golf cart may better suit your needs.

What type of Maintenance is needed for a Gas Golf Cart?

    Get the most from your gas golf cart long-term by having us provide the annual service tune-up, or by performing the following tasks yourself:
  • Check Belts for drying or cracking and replace if needed.
  • Check Brakes
  • Check Alignment
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Change Oil & Filter (when applicable)
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Grease Unit

What is the Cost Comparison for Electric vs Gas Golf Carts?

The purchase price of a brand new Club Car Onward varies significant based upon the powertrain. Club Car now has 4 powertrain options available; one gas and three electric. The lowest starting purchase price is the flooded-lead acid 48 volt DC electric, followed by the 14 hp gas. From there, you can upgrade from DC to AC drive with flooded-lead acid 48 volt batteries, and ultimately AC Lithium 58 volt.  

Operating costs for gas golf carts include the recurring cost of fuel and the recommended annual service.

Electric 48 volt DC golf cart operating costs include a slight increase in your power bill and the lump sum battery pack replacement, at least once every 5 years.

Should I buy new or used?

This is a question that has many variables. Begin with your personal budget in mind. Then consider the advantages of buying new and whether or not that’s an investment you want to make. Some advantages of purchasing a new golf cart are:

Appearance: Brand new bodies and plush seats look great.

Performance: Having all new parts gives peace of mind for peak performance.

Factory Warranty: New Club Cars generally come with a 2-4 year factory warranty, depending on the model.

What are some of the recent Electric Cart Improvements?

New Club Car Charging System: Beginning in 2014, new electric Club Cars come with the new ERIC style charger; Efficient, Reliable, Intelligent & Connected. This smaller, lighter weight charger is designed to better communicate with you through signals you can see and hear. It is enclosed in a strong, aluminum housing and offers a voltage range of 85 to 270, the widest voltage range in the industry.

What are some of the recent Gas Cart Improvements?

New Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engines: Club Car’s new Kohler Overhead Valve 14 hp, 429 cc engine has electronic fuel injection and no longer relies on carburetors and chokes. This single cylinder overhead cam engine delivers more torque and power, more precise ignition timing and starting when cold, improved reliability of the steel timing chain and features a splash lubrication system that eliminates the need for oil filters. The new EFI engine has 30% more horsepower, fuel efficiency and range than previous Precedent models, with 30% lower emissions. The result is lower annual cost of ownership with faster acceleration and superior hill-climbing ability.

What size trailer do I need to haul my golf cart?

The dimensions of a standard Club Car are (LxWxH) 92 x 47 x 69, and can be transported on a 5 x 8 trailer.

A four passenger is 104 x 47 x 69, and will fit nicely onto a 5 x 10 trailer.

The dimensions for a six passenger cart are 144 x 47 x 69, requiring at least a 12 ft long trailer.

When transporting your golf cart, always be sure that your windshield is folded down and secured to prevent flapping, breaking or removing while the vehicle is in motion. Secure the park break once the cart is pulled to the front of the trailer. Securely strap the cart to trailer using ratchet straps prior to driving.


First, you need to add the golf cart to your home owners or auto insurance. Then, take proof of insurance with you to the DMV to get a golf cart permit. The state of South Carolina outlines the following golf cart operating restrictions:

-Keep the Permit Registration with the cart.

-Operate during daylight hours only.

-Operator must be at least 16 years of age and possess a vaild driver's license while operating the cart.

-May drive on secondary streets or highways with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less (can cross a hwy or street higher than 35 mph), within 4 miles of the home address on the registration.

-If the cart is sold, immediately notify the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in writing to give the name and address of the new owner, and remove the assigned permit decal.

Why should I buy from Adventure Golf Carts?

As a local family-run business, we take pride in standing behind the products and services we provide. When it comes to golf cart sales, service, rentals or parts, your satisfaction is our priority. We believe that by creating a welcoming environment, with a knowledgeable, service-oriented staff, we can build long-term relationships with happy customers in our community. We understand that you have options, and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn and keep your business.