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Historic Buggy

We found a buyer for this old buggy and it was on the way to the trailer when I rushed out to snap some pictures of the historic marvel, as I'd yet to see one like it.

The next afternoon, a nice lady walked in with a sense of purpose and softly explained to me that her 80 year old mother had been in here the week before and traded-in an old Club Car from the 70's...."chalky white with stickers all over it", and she wanted to know if we still had it.  I explained that we had just sold it the day before to a man who refurbishes and sells older golf carts.  She was visibly disappointed because she had come to take pictures of it one last time.  She went on the explain how long the golf cart had been in the family, and how her father had used it to do so many things.  He had passed away and her mother was ready to let go of it, but from the sound in her voice, a part of her wasn't.  "In his lifetime, Dad alway took care of each piece of eqipment and that golf cart was a workhorse for us."  The stickers were names of each of the children (her and her siblings), and all the grandchildren.  Needless to say they each felt a bit of ownership to the cart and the memories it made.  She and I were both relieved that I happened to have taken pictures of it from every angle just before it left.  I emailed them to her and she later replied.  " Thank you.  Mom loves the pictures and we now refer to our little golf cart as a 'world traveler' hopping from place to place."